Chantal Eyong - Rutgers University

Chantal Eyong is an artist, writer, editor, and filmmaker. As a lover of creativity, passion, expression and people, she loves film because it incorporates different forms of media and ways to collaborate with others. Chantal has been involved in various projects, including the film, "Atlantic Crossing" as an associate producer, camera op, and assistant editor. The film has received numerous official selections at festivals, including the Chicago International Festival and the Hoboken International Festival. It has also been aired on PBS stations across the country, hitting over 10 million households. Chantal also led a documentary team to Thailand for the film, "Thailand Untapped," which received an official selection at the New Jersey Film Festival and aired on NJTV. Chantal is a coproducer, cinematographer, editor, and editing instructor at the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking, housed at the Mason Gross School of Arts.

Cast & Crew

Chantal Eyong - Director, Editor, Writer, Uganda Programmer
Lauren Choinsk - Producer, Director, USA Programmer
Steve Holloway - Producer, Director,Editor, Composer
Sangeetha Subramanian - Producer, Director
Pilar Timpan - Additional Footage (Uganda)
Kelsey Flanigan
Melvin Olaes - China Programmer
Robert Choinski - Older Programmer
Ray Sykes - Skateboarder
Chris Ortiz - Dancer
Kevin Morales - Dancer
Jason Lai - Dancer
Kristoffer Morales - Dancer
Ralph Ypil - Dancer
Mark Ravinsky - Dancer
Chris Dalupang - Dancer
Jerald See - Dancer
Ricardo Davis - Dancer
Kimberly Quiambao - Dancer
Connie Lee - Dancer
Chris Dalupang - Dancer
Tanzil Salekin
- Dancer
Manishka Mishra - Dancer

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