Moses Adetoba - University of Westminster

Moses was born in Nigeria and came to London UK, when he was around 6 years old. Moses' family had several financial and racial obstacles to overcome, but those experiences made them tougher and helped them develop as individuals and as a family. During his upbringing, Moses never really knew how to incorporate his love for story telling and creative thinking into a career, until he chose media in college (junior and senior High School). When making short films in college his brain went into overdrive. He had such a thrill from being able to create something from his mind and then watching it come to life. The excitement he got from the process, and the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment gave him the feeling the end of it was incomparable. Moses is currently a 3rd year student at the University of Westminster, studying television and production.

Cast & Crew

Moses Adetoba - Director, Producer, Editor, DOP
Matt Higgins - Camera Operator
Sean Croft - Ultra
Mirjam Genetay - Female 'Night mask' and Undercover 'Night Mask'
Peter Adetoba - Night mask 1, light assistant
Mohi Uddin - night mask 2, light assistant
Mohamed Abdirachid - Night mask 3, light assistant
Stuart Sweeny - Music Composer, sound effects
Alex Blackstaffe and Kirk Tarren - Main sound effects
Otis Miller - VFX
Kerry Whiteside - Actress
Marissa Michelle Joseph - Actress

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