Shannon Schnittker - University of Southern California

Shannon grew up in the middle of the rolling hills of northeastern Kansas, which inspired her wild dreams. She found musical theatre and dance at a young age, which later developed into a keen sense of space, light, movement and photography. She attended the University of Southern California where she was honored with the Global Fellow Scholarship placing her in Hong Kong as the US intern at Salon films Ltd. Shannon created 16 short films at USC before graduating with a degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Cinematography. Shannon is an avid traveler and hopes to bring a sense of optimism and openness to her future projects.

Cast & Crew

New Zealand
Shannon Schnittker - Director
Jessie O'Sullivan - Young Female Actress
Michael O'Sullivan - Young Male Actor
Daniel O'Sullivan - Young Male Actor
Thom Adams - Cosmonaut
Logan Elliott - Faun
Neil Dudley - Faun
Kathryn Alynalyn - Fire Artist
Benji Hinch - Fire Artist
Otto Beiber - Voice

Yuta Okamura - Co-Director (Japan)
Masahiko Nakashima - Japanese Couple A
Mana Suzuki - Japanese Couple A
Shuichi Chikamatsu - Office Worker
Sayuri Nakano - Japanese Couple B
Satoshi Shimizu - Japanese Couple B
Koichi Yoda - Crew
Masahiko Nakashima - Crew
Sotofumi Ara - Crew
Shuichi Chikamatsu - Crew

Andrew Prahlow - Composer

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