The Distinguished Filmmakers Network (DFN) is an exclusive network of directors, producers, writers, actors and more. DFN provides its members with high profile and paid opportunities with over $250,000 in production budgets and prizes given out since last year. Opportunities include branded commercials, customized educational content, music videos, internships, contests, premiere tickets, workshops, and beyond. It also gives members the chance to network with local talent, as well as collaborate with like-minded individuals from around the world.



Submit treatments or send your questions to dfn@campusmoviefest.com


As a DFN member you have the privilege to nominate up to 5 talented friends for DFN. We know that you get to work with some incredibly talented individuals ranging from directors, writers, actors, composers, and beyond. Simply have your friends sign up here and send us a quick reference email at dfn@campusmoviefest.com. While we don't accept everyone, we love our current members and will take your recommendation seriously.